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5 Qs With Trinity’s Shivam Rao On Gaming Influencers

As gaming and live streaming continue to fuel development, marketers are increasingly paying attention to gaming especially esports. The brands that are not industry-specific have started investing in gaming talents judging on the potential and influential powers of the young gamers. Becoming catalysts to satiate the emerging needs of having a talent management firm for the gaming industry where gamers can be handheld to make a career, two young entrepreneurs, Abhishek Aggarwal and Shivam Rao founded Trinity Gaming.

While conversing with BW Gamingworld, Shivam Rao expresses the need for a talent management company for budding gaming influencers in India, the opportunities for gaming content creators from the eye of marketers, and much more on Trinity. 


Q) Please introduce Trinity Gaming to us. How much dearth do you experience as a management service in the gaming space? 

Abhishek and I started with Trinity Gaming in 2019, we aimed to establish an organization that can act as a bridge between the potential gaming content creators and brands. We believed that gamers needed systematised management to grow better. We aimed to help creators foresee their future in gaming. Today we have a pool of more than 200 creators in our network and new potential creators joining every day. We provide our budding creators with graphical assistance, tips on growing more in the industry and help them create a clear path towards their career in esports. 

We definitely succeeded in what we aimed to do; we managed to have some of the biggest names in the gaming industry and also some known brands to collaborate with the trinity. It took some time and challenges but in the end, all was worth it. We are looking forward to growing even more in the future.

Q) How hard is it for a talent management company to source and negotiate professional opportunities on behalf of esports players? Also, how do you ensure player’s rights and fair agreements within the esports space? 

When we talk about talent management, whenever we are dealing with the brand, we first make sure that everyone is on the same page of the deal. If the creator or an esports player will be able to match the brand requirements. All the costs are right or not, time frame mentioned in the legal agreement, are all checked by the legal team. Then we have company advisers, who basically help us correct any flaws in the contract. Negotiation is something that we are very well aware of. This is because we have been dealing with brands regularly. We always make sure that our esports players or content creator are always protected and they are paid their right value in the market. We have some very basic and common guidelines, and we make sure that these guidelines are followed not only by us but also by the brand. 

Q) Gaming as a serious career is taken as a dubious option in a country like India. How do you help beginners make a serious career in gaming? Besides helping, how do you convince them in the first place to enter the gaming industry especially in times like pandemics? 

Gaming as a serious career is indeed considered a dubious option in India. If a gamer has a passion for making a career in gaming, he/she will give the best shot in proving themselves in the industry that is where Trinity Gaming steps in. We motivate those passionate gamers to step into the industry and we ensure they achieve the first milestone towards their goals. We don’t have to convince a gamer; it all depends on one’s interest. Gaming is an industry where people join in with their own interests. What we tell them is to never stop and continue even if they feel hardships. We want the gamers to pursue their interest and we are there to help them at every point they face hurdles. We provide our creators with tips on how to grow in the industry and graphic and editing assistance. 

Q) Can you share with us some of your success stories so far? Also, what are your plans now for Trinity in the immediate future and the times to come?

Talking about the success stories becoming the CSPs of Facebook gaming comes at the top. Trinity Gaming has collaborated with a lot of brands some of which are India Today Group, Network 18, ASUS, Red Bull, etc.

Talking about the campaigns we did a phone launch for Oneplus, ASUS Rog5. We also collaborated with applications like MPL for promotions, India today league initiated by the India Today group. We built a custom-made PC for our creator Dynamo by collaborating with different brands and many more as well.

In the future, Trinity will be investing in organizing gaming tournaments. We are also looking forward to our project initiative named Scale-up Gaming Gurukul. We will invite potential creators to our content house and provide them with coaching on gaming by the industry’s top creators. Since we are also the CSPs of Facebook gaming, we will work on enhancing the growth of gaming creators and the audiences on Facebook.

Q) As a Talent Management company, what will be your message to the content creator’s community, any advice on their investment tactics, and do they need to be careful while investing anywhere? 

As a talent management company, we focus on mentoring our esports players and content creators to invest in themselves first. We help them improve their production quality and streaming foundation, including upgrading their PC, streaming set-up, camera, and lighting equipment. Basically, we help in making their streaming foundations strong too, but first, they should invest in themselves so that they can evolve their content quality, and they are at a bar with the best content creators in the industry.

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