Wednesday , October 27 2021

Abhishek Sharma

Artificial Intelligence: How It Impacting Online Gaming industry?

Online gaming, amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, economic slowdown, established itself as a pioneer in the global business sector. There are some amazing transformations that have taken place in the industry over the last few years.  There are several games like PlayStation VR launched by Sony and Fortnight invented by …

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Mobile Esports Will Grow Big Way In India: Sishir Kolli

Mobile Esports has witnessed stunning growth across the globe and its popularity boomed to another level in recent years. Internationally, it is a downright phenomenon and is only getting bigger and better with each passing day.   Mobile Esports also registered its presence in India and its sheer potential and digital …

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Mobile Gaming, India And Its Popularity 

As everyone knows how rapidly the gaming industry is growing, especially after the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. However, the elephant in the room is mobile gaming that certainly has a tempting power to attract everyone to go on games, no matter what your age is.  From interest in games that are …

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Is Constant Online Gaming Affecting Our Teenagers?

The gaming market is growing with the speed of light especially after COVID-19 halted the movement, and people started playing online games, rather than physical sports. However, apart from the growth, there is a major concern that is also growing day by day, which is about the number of time …

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Is India Prepared For Esports In Asian Games 2022?

ESports is all set for its grand debut at the Asian Games 2022 with medals being awarded in eight games. The recent announcement from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has created a stir in the industry, with a lot of hopes and expectations.  The official eight medal esports titles …

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