Wednesday , June 29 2022

Ojasvi Nath

Netflix’s Route To Gaming Subscription – A Hit Or Miss?

In the middle of acknowledging gaming as a mainstream platform, here come the subscription gaming services where the OTT giant Netflix can be called as one of the early entrants. While there are still no signs of the success of the subscription model, the Indian gaming industry experts believe that …

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ATechnos’ Apurv Modi On Future Of Cloud Gaming

The innovative features of cloud gaming and services based on that are helping the sector grow rapidly and it won’t be wrong to say that the cloud gaming services have become showstopper as well as the future of the gaming industry The gaming industry has grown at a breakneck speed …

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Brands Growing Inclination Towards In-game Advertising

The ever-increasing expense on in-game advertising – both the endemic and the non-endemic brands can be assumed as a conscious move amid market volatility brought in due to the pandemic. Marketers here discuss the shift in brand expectations from the pre-to-post Covid era, why in-game advertising is constituting a larger …

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Soon To Invest $100 Mn In Gaming – Parth Das, Angel Investor

In conversation with BW Gaming World, Das shares more about his new venture The Collective Ace, its expansion and investment plans in gaming companies, and his thoughts on the growing Indian gaming landscape Started his career as a consultant for big financial institutions like Bank of America and Credit Suisse, Parth …

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Gaming Industry Is The Next Pivot Of Jobs – Experts

The experts also express how the gaming industry is bringing up more career options within the sector with an eye to build a gender-neutral ecosystem If the ongoing pandemic has thwarted the economic activities on one side, it has made way to various avenues that reaped from this blessing in …

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