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Avatar Based Identities Is The Future : Siddharth Puri, Co-Founder and CEO, Tyroo

  1. According to you, what will digital marketing look like in the coming years?

We believe a new generation of customers is coming who are experiencing social interactions within virtual worlds through Avatar-based identities, within games like Call of Duty, Minecraft or virtual worlds like Sandbox. They are hanging out more with their friends, interacting, engaging and taking decisions within these environments, and brands will need to adapt/transform to be present and be able to engage and build business models for these new environments.

  1. Expansion plans for Tyroo and Comet

We believe the Internet is a massive 5.5 Trillion-dollar opportunity that is concentrated among a few companies and our mission is to democratize it by empowering Businesses with Internet technologies that help them capture this growth. We are on a mission to build a Large Growth powering Ad-tech Platform for full funnel advertising and Comet is solving an important challenge for brands to access scale of brand-safe content and Measurable audiences which are becoming harder to reach through traditional channels. Comet will aid brands to successfully leverage the gaming and esports advertising opportunities to propel growth.

  1. What is the business model?

Our Business model is focused on making both tech and distribution centric investments on behalf of our strategic partners to help them position their global ad products for success for brands across emerging markets in APAC.

  1. How do you see the revenue and marketing spends by brands in the gaming segment increase in the next 3 years in India?

APAC as a market is expected to own 34% of the in-game advertising market. India with the highest contribution of Players in the gaming sector, will also see a 30–40% increase in the in-game advertising market. In Fact, the Indian gaming industry is growing at a much faster speed than the entertainment and media industry. For marketers, programmatic ads have become important line-items in their media plans and gaming offers them the opportunity to enable data-driven advertising. It’s enabling access to audience cohorts audiences that provide relevance/incrementality and most important visually rich experiences, Activision Blizzard was one of the partners which in last few years had aggressively ramped up their offering to unbundle from the ad-network environment and solve for these challenges of the marketers in a  programmatic supply chain.

  1. What kind of innovations do you think the gaming segment will witness in the coming years?

We feel the Gaming world will see a lot more immersive/native brand experiences integration within the game – including opportunities impacting Audio/OOH and moving beyond replicating Communities and social feeds. Gaming presents a 5 Billion USD Advertising opportunity by 2025 across Emerging Markets in APAC. It’s a category that has grown at an unpredicted and unprecedented speed. The potential of this segment is untapped.

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