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Betting Games: The Sector With Potential To Boost The Indian Economy

Modern online platforms use advanced AI systems that prevent tampering with the system to provide an enriched user experience

Since time immemorial, people have found ways of being involved in sports even if they don’t participate in them directly. This can be something as simple as wearing the team colours and cheering them on. To as complex as making wagers on the outcomes, based on certain odds. We have seen examples of his throughout history. From the gladiator battles of Ancient Rome to the modern arenas of iGaming.
This has a lot to do with human nature itself. Any activity where your own money is on stake becomes that much more personally relevant. It has nothing to do with the actual amount of money on stake. And everything to do with making the match that much more entertaining. When you have some skin in the game, the odds suddenly matter a lot more. You are suddenly a lot more invested in who wins and who loses.

It is a way of making everything that much more personal. This is why, to this day, iGaming is a major draw on people all over the world, and especially in India. A country whose gambling market is roughly estimated to be over $60 billion per year. Even though barely half of that comes under the purview of legal gambling.

The rest of this market operates in the shadows, with less than reputable players controlling the reigns. This is not a desirable state of being for any of the parties involved. Whether it is the government who is interested in regulating this industry in a fair manner. Or for the players who just want a safe and honest place to enjoy sports and iGaming. Or even the actual sportspersons, who don’t want the odds to influence the games themselves.

The concept of iGaming is a smart way of accomplishing all this. Today, modern advances in technologies have brought new safeguards to the world of betting. Where we don’t have to rely on shady bookies. But can instead do it safety from the comfort of our homes. Using legal and honest online iGaming platforms. That are striving to bring this practice out of the shadows.

The benefits of these online betting platforms don’t end with the legality either. It also has to do with the odds themselves. Because traditional betting still relies on bookies to set the final odds. While these modern online platforms use advanced AI systems to do the same. This not only prevents any tampering with the system. It also makes the experience that much more enriched.

As the AI systems can take into account far more data before creating the final odds. Data about the teams, the players, weather, location, and even individual conditioning. All of this is done in real time. Which means that each pre-match event offers a completely unique experience for the intended audience.

This level of complexity and transparency has transformed the iGaming world. With millions of players flocking to these platforms each month. To test their luck in thousands of pre-match events, related to dozens of sports. This level of sustained value isn’t a loss for investors either. Since they can now invest in a legal platform that offers such a unique value proposition to its players. And has a proven track record of delivering exciting money-making opportunities to
both clients and investors.

The returns on these types of investments are almost guaranteed, since it only takes a certain upfront cost to set up the algorithms and servers. With none of the real-world operating costs associated with sustaining such a high volume of customers. Moreover, these algorithms actually get better with time, and can predict better. As it gets access to more data generated with each event. So, in a way, the initial investment becomes more valuable with each passing season.
As both the company and the players benefit from a better product. Without any additional capital requirements.

Another significant way that iGaming helps investors is by circumventing the legal and moral hurdles that hamper the reputation of the gambling industry. These platforms are not just cleaning up the space, they are actually creating a whole new segment. Which can play a big role in bringing that other $30 billion of annual betting money. Back into the sphere of legal gambling. A figure that is significant enough to provide a big boost to the economy of the nation. As well as the pockets of the investors that are brave enough to believe in this vision.

Personally, we can’t wait to see how future advancements will continue to transform this sector. And help these modern betting games enrich the viewing experience of our audiences at large.

The Author is Anton Rublievskyi, CEO, PMI

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