Wednesday , October 5 2022

BGMI To Ban Cheaters Permanently

The company has permanently banned 198,194 accounts so far in its efforts to eradicate cheating

Krafton’s popular mobile game BattleGround Mobile India a.k.a. PUBG, has claimed in his online post that it is using a 24-hour security system to detect and ban cheaters.  “If an account is detected to be using an illegal program, the account gets automatically banned in real-time,” it says.

It further claims, “In addition to the system, we regularly search and investigate the promotion/use of illegal programs on websites including Youtube, and manually sanctioning them. Any channels that are advertising/promoting the use of illegal programs, we are working hard to block them.”

BGMI also requests its users to report cheaters and people promoting cheating if they happen to come across one, “If you come across such channels that are advertising/promoting, please contact us via Customer Service; we will definitely review and take action.”

The company promises that it will keep taking strong measures to reduce and eradicate cheating from the game, “With more efforts and actions including the ones mentioned above, we will continue to implement strong measures against illegal programs to provide you with a pleasant gaming environment. Furthermore, we will try our best to come up with better ways to eradicate the use of illegal programs in BattleGrounds Mobile India.”

On its website, BGMI also claims that it banned a total of 198,194 accounts between August 27th and September 2nd.

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