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Delhi Has Highest Number of Online Gamers In India: IMG Report

Amid the constant growth in the gaming industry, in 2021, Delhi witnessed the highest number of online gamers among all the Indian cities and it was the only metro city that secured a position in the top five list, according to the India Mobile Gaming Report 2021 (IMGR) by Mobile Premier League (MPL). 

The report by Mobile Premier League (MPL) mentioned that Delhi secured the first position followed by Jaipur (Rajasthan), Pune (Maharashtra), Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) and Patna (Bihar) and emerged as top five cities in the number of online gamers.  

The India Mobile Gaming Report 2021 stated that tier-III cities and towns in India saw massive growth in the number of online gamers in 2021. 

According to the report, several small towns witnessed growth from 100 per cent to 200 per cent in online gamers.

Siwan (Bihar), Baimanagoi (Chattisgarh) and Sri Ganganagar (Rajasthan) saw growth of 123 per cent, 179 per cent and 52 per cent respectively. Little urban communities like Alwar (Rajasthan), Muzaffarpur (Bihar), Dhanbad (Jharkhand), Palanpur (Gujarat) saw a noteworthy ascent in the number of new gamers, according to the report. 

Talking about the games, esports like Chess and Pool also saw a significant rise in the number of gamers in India as the MPL alone registered 1.3 million esports players in 2021. 

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