Wednesday , June 29 2022

Free Fire New Age Patch Updates, Details Here 

Free Fire, a gaming firm on Wednesday released a slew of updates for both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. 

According to an official statement, a new weapon – MAC10 will be introduced, along with updates to both the Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes. 

The current set of updates includes adjustments based on feedback and suggestions received from the Free Fire communities in recent months. The full list of updates for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX can be found below.  

According to the official statement, here are the latest updates in Free Fire: 

1. Weapon and Equipment: 

New weapon: New SMG,  MAC10.

New armour attachments: Vest Enlarger and Helmet Thickener.

2. Battle Royale: 

Optimisations: Location names will now be displayed on the ground when parachuting in Battle Royale.

Free Fire Coins/Tokens: Adjusted the minimum amount of Free Fire Coins to 100.

3. Clash Squad: 

Map adjustment: The Academy and Mill zones have been adjusted to increase the balance within these two areas.

Items request: Additional item requests can be sent if the previous request is complete. 

Grenade pickup limited: Players are no longer allowed to carry more utility Grenades into the next round.

4. Gameplay: 

Update pin system: The pin marker can now mark all objects, vehicles, and items in the game. Players can double-tap the pin button to alert teammates about enemies nearby.

Updated Free Look: Players can toggle to look around while parachuting and driving in-game. 

Updated Flashbang: Optimised the display of flashed targets.

New rank tier available: Players can now get to the Master rank after achieving the Heroic tier in Rank Modes.

Here are the latest updates for Free Fire MAX: 

1. Craftland: 

Mode Editor: Players can now customise team size, spawn point, and other options for Clash Squad or Team Deathmatch. 

New items: Music Key, Portals

2. 360-Degree Lobby: Added Skateboard display.

3. Play zone effect visual enhancement: Adjusted the colour of the play zone in Battle Royale.  

4. Pan animation: Players can strike with both the top and bottom of the pan.

5. Graphics settings: Players can access and enjoy the new graphic settings available in the settings menu.

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