Tuesday , September 27 2022

Gameoff Launches Its Streaming Platform, Offers 90-10 Revenue Sharing Model

Gameoff has launched its website to help India’s gaming and content creators’ community in earning more revenue. The platform builds bridges between the Indian gaming communities and is open to everyone to upload their content as well as watch their favourite creators play popular games like Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile, GTA V, Minecraft and Free Fire Max.

According to data from YouGov, 94 per cent of an influencer’s following end up playing the same game that their favourite creators play. These creators are also the beeline that directs a brand toward their exact target audience between the ages of 18 to 34.

Focusing primarily on monetization, Gameoff aims at rewarding these content creators that are such integral cogs of the Indian gaming ecosystem. The platform will provide an instant upgrade on what are the major revenue streams for any creator – ads from the platform that they stream on and sponsorships.


Gameoff offers a revenue sharing model of 90-10 which is higher than most streaming platforms. The creators acquire 90 per cent of the total earnings and will also earn from the various other monetization features that will be added to the platform. By being a platform that remunerates its gamers with what they deserve, it hopes to build a growing community of some of the country’s leading creators as well as up-and-coming enthusiasts of the industry.

“Analyzing the overall gaming ecosystem, we felt that creators in India are undervalued, their content is undervalued and we want to fix that. We want to open every possible door for creators that have never been opened before. Unlike other platforms, we are optimized for creators and have concrete plans to help them maximize their earnings as well as bring them closer to their fans. The Indian gaming scenario is growing rapidly and we want to make sure that Gameoff is an integral part of this revolution,” said Sunny Malhi, founder and CEO, Gameoff.

The Platform claims to make interacting with the gaming community, growing as a creator, gaining recognition as a potential gaming professional, earning from the content consumption as well as upload, and engaging with your favourite creators by gaming with them easier.

Amongst its other features, Gameoff’s most unique one is the opportunity that they will offer to their superfans to pay and play any game of their choice with their favourite influencers on the platform. They also value their viewer’s time that is spent on the platform and will pay them for the content that they watch.

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