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Gamerji’s Soham Thacker On Raising Pre-Series A Funding

In a recent conversation with BW Gaming World, its founder Soham Thacker, speaks on the app, its features, and its rise during the pandemic

Gamerji, started in the year 2019, hosts more than 125 tournaments daily for games such as Call of Duty and Free Fire amongst others, of the total, around 30 to 40 are hosted by influencers and organisers. The platform is bringing multiple games in the sports, arcade, racing, adventure, and action categories.

The app enhances the gamer experience with unique features such as gaming profiles, content sharing, group chats, communication, and cross-game leaderboards that help gamers maintain their gaming statistics. Gamerji has conducted over 22000 matches since its inception.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, the company has consolidated procedures such as registrations, player management, and payments, making it a one-stop platform for esports tournaments. In a recent conversation with BW Gaming World, its founder Soham Thacker, speaks on the app, its features and rise during the pandemic. Excerpts:

Highlight some of the features that put you in a better place than the other competitors in the space.

Gamerji as a platform not only conducts its own tournaments but has also developed a ‘Do it yourself’ feature for influencers and private organisers to host their own matches. Along with the that, the direct technical integrations eliminate the manual part in hosting a match & giving Gamerji an edge.

As the company was planning to raise pre-series A capital by the year’s end, do you think the company has met this target yet?

The company is in advanced conversations with strategic organizations & VCs and is on track to raise its pre-series A by the year-end.

Like CGL & GCC what are the other opportunities provided to the youth by Gamer Ji?

As of now, these are the primary IPs organized by Gamerji. However, Gamerji also plans to introduce training & self-learning features to help aspiring gamers reach their goals

Tell us about the rise of Gamerji during the pandemic.

Gamerji saw an almost 15x growth in traction during the pandemic & was able to establish itself as one of the leading virtual Esports platforms. We grew from 125K users in March 2020 to 1.7M today. From hosting 20 tournaments a day to now about 110. Avg. number of tournament joining went from 1.7 per user to 2.8 per day. DAU went from 10,400 to 97,000 as of today.

Comment on your future plans to boost Gamerji.

We are poised and optimistic as far as growth and reach is concerned. There are a lot of exciting developments like the new release coming in September which sets Gamerji to scale in other
geographies beyond India.

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