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Gaming Industry Undergoing Massive Changes: Praveen Dwarkanath

From mobile, online to fantasy gaming, Indians are not just playing all these games but accepting them more and more, said Praveen Dwarkanath, Poker Head, Deltin in an exclusive interaction with BW Gaming World. Edited Excerpts

Q1. Tell us about the Deltin Poker tournament, especially for those who don’t know. 

Ans- Deltin Poker Tournament is India’s most sought-after live poker event, better known amongst the poker enthusiasts as ‘DPT’. This is held at Asia’s largest offshore gaming and entertainment destination Deltin Royale, Goa. 

The tournament will begin on April 14 and conclude on April 19 2022. This tournament will host over 300 players from across the country, including some eminent pro-players from the poker community. 

Q2. How and to what extent can Deltin contribute to the gaming and esports industry in India?  

Ans- I think we all know that the gaming industry is undergoing massive changes. Not only poker, but I also speak for all – mobile gaming, online gaming, fantasy gaming etc. Games are not just being played more, they’re being accepted more, in a good way. I firmly believe that Deltin, along with Adda52, has an active role to play in the luxury and online gaming sectors respectively in India, where higher disposable income, along with the growing young population, are contributing to the wider acceptance of gaming. 

Q3. What kind of opportunities does the Deltin Poker tournament offer to players? 

Ans- In the upcoming DPT Series, the opportunities are so much more, and our structure is player-first, so every player has the opportunity of registering online for this tournament, instead of waiting in the registration queues. Also, players can buy in for the tournaments from their Adda52 wallet. DPT is offering some great “play and stay” packages and discounted prices for prior bookings with certain rules. Also, this time around we are conducting a freeroll of 15L for all players who took part in the tournaments but did not manage to cash in any of the events. 

Q4. What are your views on gaming regulations in India? 

Ans- Well, everyone has to play by the rules. Different people may have different opinions about it but ultimately we need to follow the existing regulations. 

Q5. How beneficial is your platform for the players? 

Ans- We are the category creators no doubt, but we are also the category leader for a reason – Deltin / DPT has always been player-first and players see value in our brand, which is why we have been able to be at the top. It is not easy to retain the #1 position, in a community that looks and needs to look for immediate benefits. We are still the preferred one for regulars and recreational players so the benefits are aplenty and they are valued. As much as Deltin values its players, our players also value our structures and operations – and we are only so thankful for this and my team and I will ensure this stays. 

Q6. Where does Deltin see itself in the near future, in terms of growth, efficiency, success and trustworthiness? 

Ans- I can only speak for Poker; we’re here to grow and continue being the leader and the first choice of all gamers and players in India and recreational players from out of the country. Our new team is in place and our only aim is to be more efficient in what we provide – value addition, player-friendliness, convenience. The motto is excellence, and the means to this motto could be more events, more ships, more promotions or a combination of them all.  

Q7. What can we expect from your company in 2022? 

Ans- 2022 already seems to be an exciting year for poker. We chose the first long weekend of 2022 to conduct DPT so that it would be convenient for all our players flying in from different parts of the country for this event. We have started work on publishing a calendar of all poker events that will be conducted this year so that our players can plan their trips well in advance.

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