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Gaming: The Game-changer For Students

Gaming has always been prey to unwanted taboos like ‘Gaming is not good for children, it affects the minds of children in a wrong way, and so many other things.’ Let’s talk about how gaming has helped me make a name for myself; earn enough money to take care of my needs and how I got supported by my parents. Hi, I am Jayesh Prajapati; most of you would know me as an Engineer the gamer.

Gaming can be one of the best career opportunities for gaming enthusiasts. There are a lot of ways by which you can make your gaming a good medium to earn and save for the future. That doesn’t mean it’s a way to earn easy money, of course, you will have to work hard for it. Let’s take an example; a normal student spends 2 hours of his time gaming to freshen up the mind and take a break. 

Therefore, instead of just playing he can stream his gameplay and entertain the audiences through his gameplay. There are so many streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LOCO, Rooter, Twitch and so many more apps that support and encourage upcoming gaming talents. 

Being in the industry, I have seen streamers becoming gaming sensations. What it requires is just converting your gaming leisure time available to more people rather than just keeping it to you. You never you, who bumps on your stream one day and grants you a magical wish that now you can earn through our gaming content! 

I am not saying everyone becomes that lucky, but there is nothing wrong in trying right? 

If it does work, then boom! Now you have an earning source. Being a student you can lighten up your beloved parent’s responsibilities by paying your own college or tuition fees. If you are not earning enough to pay for your fees then why not handle your leisure expenses? Believe me, once you start doing it, there will be no going back and yes this will be your first step towards a great future. 

Currently, Regional languages are being very popular in the gaming space. Streamers have conversations with their viewers in their respective regional languages, which not only promotes their language in the industry but also helps that gamer gain a loyal demographic fan base. Keeping this thing in mind, I also started with a gaming channel named Engineer Plays where I produce content in the Gujarati language for my demographic audience.  

In all, just understand the difference between gaming for passion and obsession. Passion can make your life great and obsession may turn it upside down. Once a student understands his gaming for passion can be a medium to earn a great life. Believe me, He can do that! I did that too.

Parents should understand that if their child has a passion for gaming, and then instead of stopping their child they should research a bit more about what are some productive opportunities available in the industry. In that way, students will feel a supporting hand from their parents and parents can learn more about the industry.  

If you want to be a pro gamer, do it the right way! 

The article is written by Indian gamer Jayesh Prajapati also known as Engineer The Gamer.

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