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How Innovations And New Technologies strengthening iGaming In India  

India, as a country, has been evolving across several verticals and putting in the hard work to transform from being a developing nation to a developed nation; however, it is not a surprise to know that people in the country still engage in fun activities and games online. With prediction gaming becoming the buzz across the Indian map and gaming enthusiasts switching to prediction gaming portals, the evident rise of the iGaming market has been multifold.  

As per the reports, nearly 40 per cent of the global gamers in the iGaming sector are Indians, indicating the fame and the drive that the international iGaming market is garnering from India alone. The country reflected around the investment of $1.1 billion in 2019 (as per experts’ anticipation) which is further expected to grow to $3 billion in the coming times and surpass the UK (in the number of players per capita) and other countries in the industry. But if one was to speculate the spine of this ever-burgeoning market in India, it would be the technological progression that is supporting the industry to witness a skyrocketing ascent. 

Remodelling the industry:

Technological advancements have been driving the growth of businesses and lately, they are also contributing to paving a path to success for the iGaming market in India. The brands are understanding the need to be technologically sound and have a user-friendly interface to connect with their patrons through a better platform. Exploring new technological aspects and tapping into nascent tools to revamp the Indian prediction gaming sector, the ventures are going tech-savvy with people’s favourite sports and games ranging from cricket to poker, casino and more. Helping the industry to stay relevant in the space that is dominated by a millennial audience, new-age technology is helping the iGaming portals to bond and interact with the users without many challenges. 

Millennials yearning for a fresh lens:

With the majority of the population of the country being Gen Z and millennials, the expectations and targets are changing for the Indian iGaming market. Youth yearns to be engaged not only in a fascinating game or pretty interface but with what additional features the portal offers and the monetary benefits and gains that come along with it. This is inspiring the industry to elevate to a new level and strengthen its capacity in the market to offer a smooth but unparalleled experience to its users. The disruption in the tech world is reaching out to the iGaming sector and making an impact in terms of enhancing the overall experience in the prediction gaming market. 

Commanding the experience at one’s fingertips:

The Indian prediction gaming ventures include different controls to regulate their platforms and to improve the experience for the users by adding voice commands and shortcut keys along with AI-supported algorithms empowering the platform to reach its highest potential. Bolstering the status of iGaming across the nation, the brands are putting in efforts to make their web portals more responsive with a blend of IoT (Internet of Things) and ML (Machine Learning) enabled platforms. Opting for a better resolution and switching to a 4K display alongside other features that include spatial audio, voice-controlled programs and more, the leaders in the sector are aiming to break their own moulds and bring something new and better to the table. 

Lagging behind no more:

The AI-assisted platforms are further supported with a combination of VR (Virtual Reality) in games. Including real-time data and making the experience more vivid for the players, technology is eliminating hefty and fancy hardware for gaming and replacing them with easy-to-use AR-VR setups. Making game-lags a thing of the past, the investors in the Indian iGaming market are investing in retaining the users and increasing the capacity of the sector with modern cameras, sensors, payment gateways, easier algorithms and other salient features. 

With experts counting on hyperreality to be the next big thing in this market and analysts anticipating a wider audience and player-base to reach out to, iGaming in India seems to be booming and taking on 2022 head-on. Inspiring the games by integrating simulated reality while exploring different dimensions of gaming, the prediction gaming space is expected to expand exponentially and present India as one of the leading countries with a spine-strong, technologically-evolved iGaming market.  

The article is written by Anton Rublievskyi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PMI.

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