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Indian Esports, Next-Gen Tech, The Future: In Conversation With Rishabh Bhansali, FanClash

It’s not news anymore that Indian esports is raging on at the moment. From being added to the Asian Games as a demonstration title to being accepted as a medal event in Asian Games 2022 (to be held in 2023) Indian esports has had a rollercoaster of a year. The Indian Dota 2 contingent bagging a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022 only added more amusement to this on-going journey.

BW Gaming World recently conversed with the co-founder of FanClash, Rishabh Bhansali and touched upon some intriguing questions regarding the state of Indian esports. Here is what he had to say.

I want to understand you take on Indian esports, its emergence and its scope. 

India is quickly catching up to the trend with an increase in tournaments, viewers, and engagement in esports events across the nation. The country is expected to be one of the major potential esports markets over the next ten years due to its significantly younger gaming population and relatively late entry into the industry. Due to promotion and campaigns on numerous internet streaming platforms like YouTube, it has effectively taken over the Indian market. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the spectrum of esports in India extends beyond players to include a variety of different professions and support services. Esports in India, therefore, has a great future and will develop even further.

What, in your opinion, are the newest trends in the Indian gaming industry? 

The esports market will remain dominated by cryptocurrencies, and this year, numerous online platforms started to accept them. Many individuals even prefer these transactions for deposits, withdrawals, and gaming with Bitcoin and other currencies due to security and anonymity. The affordability and accessibility of smartphones as well as fast internet have led to a significant increase in the popularity of gaming across the nation. Mobile gaming offers freedom because it allows players to play whenever and wherever they want. This is not a possibility for PC gamers, making mobile gaming more widely available. Esports recently became a medal sport in the Asian Games, as we recently saw. Along with PC games showcasing the incredible level of mobile gaming, two mobile Esports games, namely, PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor, have also been added. Now that we are aware of where mobile Esports are at. We need to keep an eye out for the newest fad in the esports world.

Your take on the stricter regulations on online gaming by the Indian government.

Esports and fantasy gaming are skill-based games, not gambling. These two must not be combined or confused. People have a right to a livelihood that involves using their skills to support themselves; It serves as a platform for opening up employment prospects. Avoid unintentionally eliminating people’s sources of support by outlawing skill games. Digital consumption is the future. After ten years, if we attempt to remove the same for a “Broad Scope,” our nation will be behind. When drafting a law pertaining to the subject, careful consideration must be given to defining what constitutes skill-based gaming and what constitutes gambling.

What will be the impact of next-gen technologies such as the Metaverse, 5G, NFTs and digital twins on online gaming and esports? 

Gaming has been popular as a pastime for quite a long time; some users even take it further and turn it into a lucrative business. The thrill and allure of online gaming will only increase with more visual stimulation and innovation as technology develops. Technology’s next big thing, 5G, will have a significant impact on the gaming sector. The main challenges that players on all platforms encounter on a regular basis include lag, network capacity, bandwidth coverage, and stutters. These problems will be resolved by 5G, improving connectivity and voice clarity in-game. Mobile players would no longer need 4G access and could benefit from the seamless gaming experience, which will help the eSports business. eSports stakeholders are producing and disseminating a wide range of content material.

Unfortunately, there are frequently more sellers than buyers, which makes it difficult for content creators. Because consumers and communities are dispersed among many video game genres, creators have had to automate their material. The use of technology frees up critical time by enabling content teams to create more engagement, personalisation, and monetization without using extra resources.

Rishabh Bhansali, FanClash

According to you, what will be the challenges to overcome in Indian online gaming and esports?

Players need hardware for competitive gaming that enables them to run games smoothly at the maximum performance output settings. Premium-performance gear has a high price tag as well and is challenging for competitors to acquire quickly. As a result, audiences who would like to play but are put off by the cost of the systems are lost to the business. Secondly, unfavourable preconceptions about the players and the industry persist, including those about antisocial behaviour and compulsive playing hours are an issue. A big difficulty for gaming businesses is how to comply with the most recent legislation with the fewest operational consequences feasible. Compliance, regulation and age verification are the three major obstacles to Indian online gaming and esports.

Give us a roadmap for Indian esports in the coming years.

The Indian esports market is currently worth INR 250 crores and in the following four years, the business is projected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 46 per cent. According to a recent analysis by 2021 E&Y Report titled “Ready. Set. Game ON!,” the esports market is predicted to increase by four times, reaching INR 1,100 crore by 2025. The gaming market in India is expanding at a healthy rate as a result of increased consumer acceptance of cutting-edge gaming technology and the huge rise in demand for smartphone gaming. India is projected to soon emerge as a major global gaming hub due to its rising popularity and demand.

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