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Indian Gaming Development Sector Is Changing Exceptionally: Prateek Kumar

In recent times, the Indian gaming sector is witnessing a constant rise, in terms of business that the sector is making, the rise in the number of gamers. The people of the country are now choosing gaming as a profession or career.

Apart from that, India also has great potential, as far as the development of gaming is concerned. In March 2020, the Himachal Pradesh-based company created an Indian story-based videogame for PC named the Daunting House, inspired by the horror story from Dagshai, a place near Shimla.

Prateek Kumar, Co-founder, Vectorinteractive Studios, an Indian video game development company, in a conversation with BW Gaming World, talked about the motive behind the game the Daunting House, and more.

Q. What was the motive behind starting The Daunting House?

Ans- We wanted to make an Indian story-based videogame for PC as we couldn’t find any while we were looking for it in March 2020. So ultimately we took inspiration from the horror story from Dagshai, which is near Shimla, and Put it into a videogame.  To experience THE DAUNTING HOUSE with more feel you can obviously play that in Hindi, as the game has both Eng, Hindi audio.

Q. Is there any specific reason for choosing the horror adventure genre?

Ans- During college, we heard a lot of stories from the mountains, especially the horror ones from our Himachali friends. Those stories held us more and we wanted to try them out in real and this served as our base.  The Daunting House will give you a feel of horror, but it’s more of a puzzle adventure game.  We experimented with a lot of things in it like the lookalike of the environment from Dagshai and some really great situational puzzles placed across which are being appreciated by gamers and the name of the characters might remind you of an old Bollywood classic.

Q. What according to you is the current scenario of an Independent Indian Game Developer in India?

Ans- The Culture of Indie studios is on rising in India these days as game devs are brave enough to follow their passion but the things that have to be kept in mind is what after this..  Game. The next move has to be planned. The opportunities are only increasing every day depending on if you are making games for mobiles or PC/console. It’s booming for Smartphones especially if you are focusing on Asia,  and there is a lot of potential for PC gaming as well, the industry is growing with serious gamers.

The demand for game devs is increasing every day as a lot of other sectors are going for gamification as well be it Edtech, Healthtech, etc.

Q. Do you think that the game development culture in India has changed over the last few years?

Ans- Yes, there has been an exponential change, the development industry is becoming more product-based now as a lot of startups have emerged, a lot of VC funds are coming, especially after Nazara IPO this sector is in limelight. More Internet penetration, more smartphone users, more gaming content creators, and consumption than ever are being a good change for the industry.  

Q. Does COVID-19 affect the gaming industry or has it helped the sector to grow?

Ans- So far, the pandemic was fruitful as gaming was always indoors, adding to more users as they could not go out then, and now it’s like a part of life. Be it playing hyper-casual games with your family or friends over chats or serious gaming along with them. 

Q. Esports is debuting in Asian Games 2022, what do you have to say about this? Do you think, gaming industry should grab the opportunity?

Ans- Yes, I  have a very strong feeling our gamers and teams are going to dominate the scene there, as more people are taking up gaming as a career and this is certainly going to boost their morale and even in 2018 one of our gamers Tirath brought home a bronze and I am pretty sure this time it’s going to be big as we have a lot of Esports teams prepared enough. So eyeing a lot of Golds this time.

Q. What sets VectorInteractive Studios apart from others?  

Ans- The vision to represent Indian stories via video games be it any genre, sets the studio apart from others. Every story that you have heard or read can be categorized in a gaming genre be it a War story from the Army or The old ancient cultural stories or just a simple story from any state and we are looking forward to making interesting video games around them.

Q. Do you want to say anything to aspiring game developers in India?

Ans- Always be aware of the global scenario in development, try to collaborate with other devs across the border to learn diversity, and of course make a lot of videogames, experiment with genres it’s all about finding the right fit, and interest.

Q. What can we expect from VectorInteractive Studios in the future?

Ans- More Story-based and multiplayer videogames coming on the way inspired by the true stories of India, showcasing the culture and tales.

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