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Indian Mobile Gamers Show Higher ATT Consent Rate Than The Global Average

The Indian gaming category shows the highest App Tracking Transparency (ATT) implementation rate of 91 per cent whereas the average implementation rate across all categories is 80 per cent. Due to heavy reliance on user-level data signals, it has been challenging for gaming app marketers to optimize their marketing campaigns in this scenario. Despite the challenges, the ability to measure non-organic installs on iOS has majorly improved in the past six months owing to steady gains in SKAdNetwork adoption growing at about 20 per cent every month on average since May. Innovation in measurement to develop alternative and privacy-compliant solutions along with increased confidence among marketers in their ability to measure iOS campaigns have also helped improve NOIs.

With almost one-fourth of India’s population being mobile game users, marketers in this category need to devise innovative ways to market, measure, and optimize their activities as consumer privacy continues to evolve. India shows a 50 per cent consent rate for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, in the gaming category. This reflects the trend of developing countries which are less sensitive and aware of data privacy and security than their developed counterparts.

A year into ATT enforcement and its adoption is widespread, with 80 per cent of apps implementing the ATT prompt (showing it to their users). In addition, opt-in rates also grew in the past year, where month after month AppsFlyer data has shown that nearly 1 in every 2 instances resulted in a user tapping on the ‘Allow’ button among those who had been shown the prompt. While mobile marketers initially worried over the user experience risk of the prompt, after a year it is clear that the benefits of showing the prompt far outweigh the benefits of not showing it due to a user experience concern.

“With over 154.1 million active app users, the Indian market presents a huge growth opportunity for app marketers. Apple’s ATT update one year ago has significantly impacted the ecosystem on iOS devices. While ATT provides users greater privacy and control, it also provides marketers with an opportunity to utilize data-driven collaboration and insights that are privacy-centric,” commented Ritu Sharma, Country Manager – India, AppsFlyer.

With new data privacy standards largely in place thanks to ATT, the key going forward is to help businesses grow with data-driven collaboration and insights that are privacy-compliant.

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