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Indo-Futurism, Web3 And More: A Word With SuperGaming CEO, Roby John

There is no denying that gaming become a monumental source of entertainment as well as recreation in recent times. Some might even argue that this has been a gradual process over many years instead of an overnight phenomenon propelled by the pandemic. Video games offer a sense of belonging and camaraderie as well which is seldomly spoken of. Game development company SuperGaming is one among a handful that is outspoken about this. After the success of Mask Gun and Silly Royale, SuperGaming has been making waves in the Indian gaming landscape with its upcoming title, Indus.

We spoke to Roby John, CEO of SuperGaming at the India Game Developers Conference 2022 and briefly discussed his inspiration for Indus and the idea behind Indo-futurism, something he mentioned during his panel at the conference. Furthermore, we asked him about his opinion on the possibility of India missing the Web3 bus. Here’s what he had to say.

My first question to you is obvious. You have to give me something on Indus. This is a game that so many people are excited about. What do we have in terms of dates?

Glad to hear that. On the 19th of November 2022, Indus will have its second play test at Comic Con. It will be a platform for players to experience the game and for us to get crucial feedback.

I want to know more about the inspiration behind Indus. You mentioned ‘Indo-futurism’ during your panel. How did that come into existence?

“The inspiration came from Black Panther. We all saw how Marvel Studios created Wakanda as the epitome of black futurism. The most advanced civilisation in the world was in the heart of Africa. The movie made being black a cool thing. I’m trying to do something similar and make being brown a cool thing,” said Roby John.

“With Indus, we’re trying to make Indo-futurism a mainstream thing. In the Indian culture, we have so many great stories to tell and this is our way to make that a reality,” he added.

We followed up on what he mentioned earlier. We asked him whether the Indian audience is ready for an Indo-universe. There have been plenty of examples of people trying to create an Indo-universe and then eventually failing.

He stated that the Indian audience is more than ready. “They have been ready for quite some time now,” said Roby John.

Web3.0 has been a buzzing topic for techies and entrepreneurs. While some are extremely optimistic about this, others are wary of its future and real-world application. Our next ultimate question was about whether India is missing out on Web3.0.

The panel discussion also mentioned Web3.0 a few times and touched upon the important topic of India missing the Web 3.0 bus. Do you think India has missed out on this technology?

“I don’t think India is missing out on anything. Our country may be late in joining the conversation but it is not missing out on anything. It is still a concept that is being explored and unless we have some use cases for Web3.0, it is still early to talk about it,” stated John.

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