Wednesday , October 5 2022

Jetsynthesys Partners With Crunchyroll’s Mitrasphere For Its Global English Launch 

Crunchyroll Games has partnered with JetSynthesys, the new age digital entertainment and technology company, for technical support, game development, live operations, and localisation. 

JetSynthesys is also instrumental in scaling up the game further to cater to a wider audience around the world across Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, among others.  

Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, JetSynthesys, said, “Originally a popular Japanese hit, Mitrasphere has now won the hearts of millions of gamers across the globe. It’s been an exciting endeavour to launch the English version of the game across 96 countries with Crunchyroll and Bank of Innovation six months ago.”

“The gaming industry has massive potential, not just for budding gamers to take to the sport, but also for passionate individuals to take up gaming as a career. Through our always increasing gaming stable and key industry partnerships, we also hope to attract young professionals to our team, and take JetSynthesys to new heights,” Navani added.  

The Mitrasphere is a world where a massive sea blankets the skies. Golden crystals rain down from a cryptic tree in the ocean sky, altering the lives of everyone and everything. 

Launched six months ago across 96 global countries, Mitrasphere, a mobile game has witnessed over 300,000 downloads worldwide. 

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