Wednesday , September 28 2022

Karnataka Govt To HC: Online Gaming Law Amended To Prevent Addiction Among Youth

The petitioners urged the HC to declare the law unconstitutional as it violates the fundamental rights of Indian citizens. 

Amid the ongoing controversy in Karnataka regarding the gaming platform ban to prevent gambling, the State Government, on Wednesday, submitted to the High Court that the recent amendments to ban betting and wagering in online games aimed at saving the gaming addiction among youth 

The government also said that the law aimed to save the parents/ families from falling into deep debts as youth is getting addicted. 

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai led state governments told the court that the gaming platforms are the main cause of addiction among youth and several even lead to suicide. 

Talking about the hearing, Justice Krishna S Dixit heard writ petitions filed by some online gaming firms and the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), which challenged the amendments to the Karnataka Police Act, 1963 that had been made recently. 

Advocate General Prabhulinga Navadgi appeared on the behalf of the state government, while senior advocates Aravind Datar and Abhishek Singhvi appeared on the behalf of petitioners. 

The petitioners urged the HC to declare the law unconstitutional as it violates the fundamental rights of Indian citizens. 

Petitioners also sought directions from the HC to restrict Karnataka police and other legal authorities from taking coercive steps against petitioners under the provisions of the new law.

The government submitted that none of the online portals fully warned or disclosed to their customers the way they would distribute the prize money. Players spent huge sums of money lured by the promise of lucrative but elusive returns on bets. The Karnataka Legislature was well within its legislative competence to enact the amendments under the Constitution, the government said.

The government said that none of the internet or online firms completely cautioned or unveiled to their users the manner in which they would disseminate the prize cash. Players spent immense amounts of cash baited by the guarantee of worthwhile yet subtle profits in return. The Karnataka Legislature was well inside its authoritative capability to authorise the corrections under the Constitution. 

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