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Leveraging Year-End Festivities To Boost Growth Of Online Skill Gaming Industry

In a country like India, where emotions heavily sway consumer decisions, the additional benefit of the festive season is time and again reminding the users of Indian culture through the association of the products. India’s nascent online gaming business has had an exceptional upsurge in recent years. Online gaming is the newest up-and-coming industry, with a 38 per cent growth rate. For such a promising industry like this, a slew of festive occasions adds up more to the growth of the business and excitement to the overall ecosystem. As the festive quarter has already begun, the industry is witnessing a slew of trends emerging.

The holiday season is an opportune time for brands to exhibit their unique offerings, launch new products and services and reach a broader set of audiences. When we talk about festivities, card games and other casual games are an inevitable part of the celebrations across the nation and the age groups. With the emerging technology and diverse users in India’s online gaming industry, curating and delivering a one-of-a-kind experience is the key. Start-ups and established companies need to blend creativity and business aspects for attracting more users. We have witnessed major transformations in our celebrations, but one thing that is still constant is the spirit of card games and hence gaming has become an avenue for connecting with friends and family even staying far away from them.

Innovative features and numerous genres of games for a diverse set of age brackets have led to the formation virtual society of gamers. Moreover, since playing such games also enhances the cognitive skills of the players, the industry has also professional players and influencers as an important part. For a vibrant industry like this, the festive season provides an opportunity for brands to create a lasting emotional connection while also onboarding new users. In order to accomplish this, brands introduce carefully curated campaigns and elements to all the user touchpoints with a range of exciting offers and attractive messages. This lets brands strengthen user connections and amplify brand loyalty.

Campaigns based on the festive sentiments, on-going trends and a thorough understanding of user preferences help brands meet festive expectations and targets. TVC and digital campaigns are two major sources of driving users onto the platform. Television campaigns are an apt medium to deliver the correct messaging of the brand thereby marking a concrete impression enough to drive the users to the platform. Brands have rolled out a range of offerings with a twist in the gameplay to make it more interesting yet keeping it challenging and intriguing and have been delivering their key message by associating with various celebrities to have a lasting impact. Brands are aggressively embracing innovative marketing tactics as the festive season is an apt time for them to acquire new users and retain the existing ones for a longer period of time by offering lucrative subscription models and discounts.

Tapping the digital route, social media campaigns are on a roll as the brands can leverage this route to spark a chain of conversations across the nation and the globe. Moreover, brands also can connect with consumers indirectly by associating with online influencers. Curating a narrative with a blend of a compelling storyline and brand messaging is an effective method to drive engagement followed by increased users.

Ketan Godkhindi

As a concluding remark, this festive quarter is a golden opportunity for the stakeholders of the online gaming industry in India to expand their userbase and create a buzz around their unique offerings as this sunrise industry is currently growing at a CAGR of 38 per cent generating around USD 2 billion revenue.

Writen by Ketan Godkhindi, Chief Strategy Officer, Witzeal Technologies

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