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Mobile Esports Will Grow Big Way In India: Sishir Kolli

Mobile Esports has witnessed stunning growth across the globe and its popularity boomed to another level in recent years. Internationally, it is a downright phenomenon and is only getting bigger and better with each passing day.  

Mobile Esports also registered its presence in India and its sheer potential and digital penetration are also getting bigger. 

In a conversation with BW Gaming World, Sishir Kolli, Senior Vice President, Product, Mobile Premier League (MPL) talked about the COVID-19 pandemic, its effects on the gaming industry, Mobile gaming, future trends, and more. 

Q. Tell me about Mobile Premier League’s journey so far and how it is working towards further elevating the consumer experience?  

Ans- It has been an incredible journey over the past three years. We are now present in three countries with over 90 million registered gamers globally and have onboarded over 70 games since we launched MPL, working with many game developers. We want our consumers to compete in various games under one roof and we ensure they get the best possible experience playing contests and tournaments in games they enjoy. This is a constant endeavor and we are always working on taking it to the next level.  

Q. Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the gaming industry? 

Ans- Gaming received a boost like other content sectors as people spent a lot more time indoors consuming and interacting with content. It enabled a spurt in the number of people taking up Esports and thus, developers could build more games for a growing audience. 

Q. Where do you see growth and trends in the mobile gaming industry?  

Ans- Mobile Esports will only grow globally, and also in a big way in India. The future of Esports is mobile as it democratises it and makes it accessible to more people, with affordable smartphones and cheap 4G data. We will see more gaming titles being built for mobile gamers, and mobile game publishers will grow as the mobile gaming audience expands.  

Q. How do gaming companies are benefiting from creating personalized experiences and how it is driving the growth of the online gaming industry? 

Ans- It isn’t just gaming, but every service or app seeks to give its users a personalized experience. With gaming and Esports, it is important to make the gamers’ journey smooth and alert them to games they may enjoy playing and launch more such games. We constantly have to keep refreshing the titles we offer and as we do, our gamers keep coming back to the platform to play them. The technology stack that Netcore Cloud provides helps us tailor-make experiences for our users and improve engagement. We have seen the benefits in player retention, increased discovery, and adoption of newly launched games. 

Q. Do you think that the game development culture in India has changed over the last few years?  

Ans- With the phenomenal growth that mobile gaming has seen, game developers and studios are focusing on creating titles for a mobile-first audience, rather than adapting games made for PCs and consoles. With game publishers such as ourselves growing, game developers are able to tap into a new revenue stream and also leverage our base of gamers to build better offerings. Indian game developers have built some great games and they deserve to be taken to a global audience, which we at MPL strive to do.  

Q. Esports is debuting in Asian Games 2022, what do you have to say about this? Do you think, gaming industry should grab the opportunity?  

Ans- Absolutely. Esports had already featured as a demo event in the 2018 games and next year, it is a full-fledged medal event. India had won a bronze medal in the demo event itself and we expect to do well next year too. The gaming industry needs to support our Esports athletes and drive awareness about the sector so that more people are aware of the opportunity it presents. MPL Sports Foundation, our philanthropic arm, is the principal partner for the Indian contingent to the 2022 Asian Games.  

Q. What can we expect from Mobile Premier League in the future? What role does Netcore Cloud have in your future endevours?  

Ans- We will continue to offer fresh, fun, interesting gaming titles to our gamers along with competitive contests and tournaments on a seamless mobile platform.  Global MarTech SaaS company, Netcore Cloud has been and will continue to be one of our key partners in this endeavour. It helps us get a data-driven understanding to provide the right offerings to our users. This helps our users get the best platform experience.  

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