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Rising Demand For New Age Courses In The Times to Come

The innovative new age courses are necessary to equip young minds with skills to excel, encourage out of box thinking and ensure a robust foundation

Learning is an immersive experience. In a revolutionary atmosphere, innovative courses are emerging as game-changers. Programs that are a meticulous blend of both text and real-time practice. These courses are futuristic. They equip young minds with skills that will help them excel at work, encourage out of the box thinking, and ensure a robust foundation in the selected subjects.

Some of the new age courses built on structure, purpose, and benefits are highlighted for those looking at a career path beyond

Game design and art

Have you ever thought of why a game keeps you hooked on? Even better, have you ever thought of creating one? A degree in game design and art is an immersive experience wherein students learn the entire process of developing a game using expert software and techniques. Throughout the course, prospective designers are introduced to the varying aesthetical aspects and production cycles of games.

As a game designer, one has the power to determine the structure of the game, the goals per level and the storyline behind it, among others. Game artists, on the other hand, bring these ideas to life and make the game more enticing by adding special effects. Since the course has a wide-ranging selection of subjects, it enables young professionals to specialize in overall designing, simultaneously opening more professional avenues.

Digital product design

Technology has been the driver of most innovative solutions. This course highlights the impact of computational advancements by allowing young minds to turn their ideas into functional products. During the program, students learn the ABCs of digital interfaces and master UI-UX skills to design user-friendly apps. For instance, fitbits are a result of digital product design, they use UI-UX to provide users with disruptive solutions.

In addition, students dive deep into how these techniques can be combined with effective consumer research to develop interactive prototypes. It is a blend of conceptual ideas and technical training that imbues future professionals with the skill sets required for both – functional designers and creative problem solvers.

Visual communication and digital design

The meaningful usage of text and images to persuade, educate, entertain, and inform is called visual communication. The foundational year of this course introduces young minds to the vastness of the creative industry. During the course, students make use of advanced technologies to hone skills such as illustration, graphic culture, press cartoons, motion design, analytical drawing, live model sketching, copywriting, and many more. The numerous internships help individuals acquire an industry-specific approach. It is a holistic course as it allows students to hone both communication and design skills simultaneously.

With almost every industry witnessing a digital revolution, the demand for professionals with high-level design knowledge will note a steep rise. It is a myth that these courses limit the opportunities for students. Instead, they provide them with exposure to a plethora of career options like Art Direction, Digital Design, Brand Strategy, Typography, Advertising, Illustration, Communication, Graphic Design, and numerous others.

The silver lining of the lockdown is that it offers individuals the time to explore their talents and follow their passion. Multitudes of students realised that what they considered a mere hobby is something they would love to pursue as their preferred career choice. Creativity, when combined with technology, has immense possibilities. The rise of such unique courses is a boon for all those who are wishing to land a job in the sector of their dreams.

The Author is Yan Garin, Country Head & Director, Ecole Intuit Lab.

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