Tuesday , September 27 2022

Spotify, Mythpat Launch Gaming Podcast

Techno Gamerz, Slayy Pop, and Triggered Insaan are a few gaming content creators who will be featured in the initial episodes of the podcast

Remember the time when gaming was considered merely a child’s play? We’ve come a long way since, and today, gaming is much more than just a way for kids to spend their free time. It’s become a career, a community, and an integral part of pop culture. The format has also evolved from physical to digital, with sophisticated storylines, wholesome characters and advanced consoles. Even in India, brands, creators, influencers, and conventions are now a part of this journey.

During this time, gamers have reinvented themselves, with many participating in high-profile gaming tournaments, sharing top-notch strategies, and engaging with like-minded individuals across the world. Taking the conversation around gaming and the internet culture to the next level is a new Spotify Original – The Mythpat Podcast. Created and hosted by Mithilesh Patankar, better known as gamer Mythpat.

The podcast will not only highlight what’s going on in the gaming industry but also in today’s internet culture. Mythpat will share tips on how Gen Z can become successful creators, and delve deeper into what an influencer’s life is like by sharing anecdotes and learnings from his own journey. “I am super excited about doing a Spotify Original podcast. I have been a mimicry artist for seven years now and even had a plan to get into dubbing, eventually becoming an RJ. This podcast is such a great opportunity because I can now entertain the audience with all that I’ve got to share. Besides, I’ve been using Spotify religiously for the last couple of years, so when the opportunity came up to work with the brand, I knew that I had to do it”, he said.

This is the first time in India that a gamer is launching a podcast and yet another example of how popular faces from visual mediums are taking to audio to engage with their existing and new audiences. The weekly podcast episodes will feature prominent influencers and pro gamers such as Techno Gamerz, SlayyPoint, and Triggered Insaan, who will educate and entertain listeners on more than just gaming.

According to a Spotify spokesperson, “The idea of gaming has transformed considerably, and today, there are so many layers to the industry – from playing games online, to live streaming, and from creating content around it to brands using it as a way to engage with their consumers. Spotify’s collaboration with Mythpat is yet another way for us to bring culturally relevant content for the many audiences on our platform, and use podcasts as an intimate medium to connect creators to their listeners.”

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