Thursday , September 29 2022

Squad Island Brings 8v8 Mode, All Squid Games In Silly Royale’s Major Update

Made-in-India social game Silly Royale has come up with Squad Island, its 8v8 mode allowing you and seven of your friends to play as Guards or Silly in Silly Royale’s biggest update yet.

In Squad Island, each team can explore a brand new map and play every game from Squid Royale Silly Royale’s Squid Game-inspired modes.

Silly Royale Squad Island features

  • 16 player lobbies

  • A brand new map with new tasks

  • Two separate voice channels (one for each squad)

  • Option to vote for your favourite Squid Challenge to play against an opponent squad

  • No more eliminations. If you make an error in the game you no longer are eliminated from the squad

Players can access the Squad Island mode by tapping on the event tab in the main menu.

“On an average, players spend 48 minutes in Silly Royale and one of the most asked for features from the community is the ability to squad up with friends,” says Christelle D’cruz, General Manager and co-founder at SuperGaming.

He added, “Squad Island is our attempt at doing just that, to let you play more of the Silly Royale you love with the people you love.”

Squid Royale concluded the season finale of Squid Royale, inspired by the popular Netflix show ‘Squid Game’. During this limited-time mode, close to five million new players downloaded the game worldwide.

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