Sunday , October 24 2021

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Brands Are Turning To Games To Find New Customers

Casual gamers, the most diverse group on the internet, allow the highest degree of granular  targeting to brands That gaming is taking over the global entertainment industry has been the talk of the town for a few years now. Globally, gaming is already bigger than movies and music combined. In …

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Mantra To Successful Gaming Startup

Summing up some of the winning factors and challenges for a successful gaming startup in India A clear plan of implementation and success path is essential for any business, more so for gaming start-ups. It can help map out the specifics of the business and discover some unknowns. A successful …

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Brands Growing Inclination Towards In-game Advertising

The ever-increasing expense on in-game advertising – both the endemic and the non-endemic brands can be assumed as a conscious move amid market volatility brought in due to the pandemic. Marketers here discuss the shift in brand expectations from the pre-to-post Covid era, why in-game advertising is constituting a larger …

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