Wednesday , June 29 2022

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Cloud Gaming Is The New Future 

The number of gaming lovers in India is rising day by day due to a phenomenon called the Digital revolution. The entire country in the recent past has seen the gaming industry growing with bullet speed.  Plus, COVID-19 added fuel to the fire, and India along with the entire world …

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5 Ways To Bring Consoles To The Forefront of Gaming in India

The gaming industry has witnessed a noticeable growth both globally and within India, but if it further continues to innovate, console gaming will soon catch up with the mobile market to become the mainstream form of entertainment Introduction Over the last few decades, the games industry has witnessed noticeable growth …

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ATechnos’ Apurv Modi On Future Of Cloud Gaming

The innovative features of cloud gaming and services based on that are helping the sector grow rapidly and it won’t be wrong to say that the cloud gaming services have become showstopper as well as the future of the gaming industry The gaming industry has grown at a breakneck speed …

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