Friday , September 30 2022

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Five Popular Games Emerging In 2022  

The zeitgeist of our era is online gaming and the thrills that come with it. Most online gaming battles were on PCs at the turn of the millennium, but the mobile gaming industry has added a completely new dimension to how people enjoy gaming today. An online game allows everyone …

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Is Clash Of Clans Shutting Down In 2022? Details Here

The popular ‘strategy war’ game is still available on the app store where anyone can download it Mobile game Clash of Clans recently went down for maintenance, leaving many fans disappointed which led to the rumours that the Clash of Clans game could be shutting down in 2022. However, the …

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Not Just A Trend: Inclusion Of Gamification In Education 

Game-based elements applied for scoring points, setting a healthy competing environment among the fellow students, rooting teamwork and leadership skills, assimilating new information, allow students to be surrounded with an atmosphere that helps them with their overall development Esports has now become a multi-billion-dollar industry that has advanced in a …

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Brands Are Turning To Games To Find New Customers

Casual gamers, the most diverse group on the internet, allow the highest degree of granular  targeting to brands That gaming is taking over the global entertainment industry has been the talk of the town for a few years now. Globally, gaming is already bigger than movies and music combined. In …

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Mental Wellness: The Way Forward With Gaming & Gamification For Students

79% of corporate and university learners admitted that a gamified learning environment would enhance their motivation and productiveness A student’s time is mostly invested in the pursuit of academic learning and excellence. It’s the burden of studies and expectations of academic performance, coupled with a myriad influences, hormonal and physiological …

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