Friday , May 27 2022

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Mental Wellness: The Way Forward With Gaming & Gamification For Students

79% of corporate and university learners admitted that a gamified learning environment would enhance their motivation and productiveness A student’s time is mostly invested in the pursuit of academic learning and excellence. It’s the burden of studies and expectations of academic performance, coupled with a myriad influences, hormonal and physiological …

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Brands Growing Inclination Towards In-game Advertising

The ever-increasing expense on in-game advertising – both the endemic and the non-endemic brands can be assumed as a conscious move amid market volatility brought in due to the pandemic. Marketers here discuss the shift in brand expectations from the pre-to-post Covid era, why in-game advertising is constituting a larger …

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Hunter Games, Home Credit Collaborate

Through this partnership, Hunter Games and Home Credit will be able to draw synergies for new customer acquisition, retention of existing customers and excite them with offers and deals on both platforms Home Credit India, a local arm of the international consumer finance provider Home Credit Group, has partnered with …

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