Wednesday , September 28 2022

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The Evolution Of Esports In India

The first sign of an esports event was in late 1971. It was an event organized by Stanford University, where students from many disciplines participated in the Battle of the Vintage Spacewar game. The event was the Space Invaders Championship and was attended by over 10,000 players. The massive amount …

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Esports: The Energy Filled Future

India’s thriving esports industry is at nascent stages but will turn into big business opportunities The Esports industry has accelerated its growth during the pandemic and these companies centred on live streaming. Navigating through the virtual ecosystem of multiplayer tournaments, players are no longer chained to one place and one …

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How Esports Is Different From Fantasy Sports & RMG

Lokesh Suji, Director – Esports Federation of India & VP – Asian Esports Federation, writes on the growing confusion between esports and real money gaming in India, and the need to address it immediately There is a wide misconception in India that igaming/egaming (real money gaming) is the same as …

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