Tuesday , September 27 2022

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The Evolution Of Esports In India

The first sign of an esports event was in late 1971. It was an event organized by Stanford University, where students from many disciplines participated in the Battle of the Vintage Spacewar game. The event was the Space Invaders Championship and was attended by over 10,000 players. The massive amount …

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Revenant To Represent India In COD Championship 2021

The esports company qualifies to represent India and the region South Asia and the Middle East in the Call of Duty Mobile Championship 2021 Team Revenant belonging to Revenant Esports, an esports company, is all set to make Indians proud. Following the success of Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics; …

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Employment Generation In Gaming Is Growing Multifolds: Experts

The rise of India’s gaming sector is fueled by rising digital adoption, a growing online population, affordable smartphones, and low data prices. Gaming is largely becoming a part of the economy as people have started considering e-sports and gaming as serious career options With digital consumption becoming mainstream, mobile games …

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Revenant Esports Gets Aggressive In Game Tech

With new funding on board, Revenant aims to focus on partnering with the best athletes not only in India but across the globe. The esports company will venture into both competitive esports, LANs, and a virtual capacity along with a focus on building IPs and content creation related to the gaming industry

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