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Technological Advancements: Key For Staying Relevant In iGaming

Technological advancements are playing a critical role in setting the success meter for the iGaming market

The iGaming industry has been growing across verticals and rightfully earning its due credit across the maps. Supporting the global economy has been increasing by folds and catering to a vast audience. Growing richer in the diversity of patrons and indulging more and more enthusiasts by the day, the market is matching pace with the new-age requirements and endeavouring to stay relevant in the field. Technological advancements are playing a critical role in setting the success meter for the iGaming market. Right from online sports such as poker to cricket and other passionate games, the industry has upped its level by making virtual services and portals tech-savvy.

This market is integrating new voice commands and tech-supported programs to support the gaming whims and fantasies of its users. With approximately 40% of the global players being Indians, one can observe how it is climbing the stairway to success as the market indulges in future-forward technology and platforms. Thanks to technology serving as a helpful tool accelerating the industry’s success, the sector is witnessing an upward spiral of monetary growth to the extent that experts say it might surpass the United Kingdom in the number of gamblers per capita. 

Year of the Gear

Players today use higher-quality gaming peripherals that are made from better materials and are more responsive. Even input equipment like displays and headphones have advanced along with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and productive intervention of the Internet of Things, thanks to newer technologies. 4K resolution, high-frame-rate displays, spatial audio, voice-controlled programs and others are a few examples of the tech success across the vertical. 

With face recognition and IoT raising the bar for the predictional games and making it more intense, the market is soaring high and strategizing to upskill its technology now more than ever. The games are also showing tremendous growth in terms of a fine display of hundreds of frame rates at maximum resolution with almost no lag, the difference between the winners and losers has truly come down to player skill and talent. This is one of the reasons modern iGaming tournaments are creating buzz and becoming the most exciting internet activity providing monetary returns and favours.

However, just because we have come this far doesn’t mean that we should rest on our laurels. To make sure that the industry stays relevant, the technology involved must keep evolving. It’s just like any other initiative or venture, the moment your opponent becomes technologically superior is the moment you lose. This is true not only for the IGaming players but the whole industry itself. The success of this sector is still viewed as a fluke when compared to more established portals and countries along with related franchises.

Cutting the Cord

One of the areas in which future technologies show great promise is the iGaming market itself. Modern advancements and internet technologies have reached a point where we can possibly stream entire games without burning a hole in our pocket and estimating a productive move or plan through accurate assumptions and being aware of the real-time scenario of the activity. Another advantage of this is that VR/AR setups might soon not require you to tether them to heavy-duty hardware, leading to a smooth gaming experience and thus easy economic gains without a lot of hassle. With a fast enough 5G connection, you could possibly stream the whole game and enjoy a truly wireless VR/AR experience that offers remuneration and monetary support regardless of your geographical factors or residence.

Companies involved with these types of technologies are trying their best to merge them with the real world. With modern cameras, sensors, payment gateways, easier algorithms and other tech becoming smaller and more precise, we aren’t far away from the time when you can even give up your doubts and operate solely through the combination of credible gaming and features such as face and/or voice recognition, as well as gesture controls. This could truly become the future of prediction-gaming platforms, as imagined by experts.

The Emergence of Hyper-Reality

As one can see, we continue to use the word possibly when talking about most of these innovations. The reason being that most of the technologies that we are talking about are still being developed separately. No one company has come out with a complete ecosystem that combines them all to achieve the dream of ‘Hyperreality’. However, that doesn’t mean that it is too far away. As long as companies keep investing in these future technologies, the day isn’t far when we can truly go on otherworldly adventures any time, and from any place.

Once that happens, we might even see the emergence of a new wave of iGaming players, who can be present on the battlefield as they play through it. By merging physical objects with virtual targets, players could enjoy a three-dimensional experience of creating and executing gaming strategies with financial outcomes working in players’ favour. This will not only change the way one looks at this market but the returns and perks of playing as well. Since the same cameras that enable the game to see the player and AI interactions could also become live feeds for spectators to enjoy in their own homes.

Recreating the World

Another avenue of potential growth is using the same automation, AI, blockchain, cloud and machine learning technologies to create more realistic simulated reality experiences. For most of iGaming history and its scope of growth, AI antagonists have worked within very limited patterns and move sets. Once a player is able to recognise those patterns, the gaming experience becomes quite monotonous and predictable which leads to the downfall of one’s interest as well as making their moves obvious and thus impacting their gaming profits.

By utilising user data and gaming strategies to update the potential move sets of rival AI’s, we can possibly create virtual rivals that truly seem like the player’s gaming nemesis, offering additional motivation for them to get through the game and earn respect as well as financial gains. 

The possibilities are endless and the companies involved in this sector are aware of it. The ventures keep investing in avenues that incorporate newer technologies and show a long-term scope for growth and profitability. They know how the ecosystem can only be strengthened through technological advancements making the portals more fascinating and relatable for people regardless of which generation or walk of life they come from. Fuelling breakthroughs in the iGaming market, the tech progression ensures the sector to be relevant for the coming years. This is why we think that technological advancements are the key to staying relevant in the ever thriving e-gaming industry and will prove to be an added monetary incentive for players in the future.

The Author is Dmitriy Belanin, CMO, PMI

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