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The Evolution Of Mobile Cloud

We have all downloaded songs and add them to our playlist in the past. But today, most of us enjoy movies and songs using streaming apps on multiple devices without any technical hassles. Why worry about downloading content or blocking storage space on a device when one can stream it directly? The adoption of the cloud has upended the entertainment world and caused a remarkable shift in user behaviour. A similar revolution is in the offing for video games, where hardware requirements are a primary hurdle in making gaming accessible to everyone.

Want to play your favourite music or watch that action flick? Even your standard budget smartphone would do. Want to play that heavy-duty mobile game on your low-budget smartphone? Brace for hiccups and a terrible gaming experience. For a long time, gamers have required high-end PCs, expensive consoles and gaming smartphones for a seamless experience.

Welcoming the Era of friction-free gaming

The arrival of 5G in many countries, especially developing nations like India, will further bolster the gaming sector. The revamped infrastructure will eliminate the nagging problems of latency and unreliable bandwidth. Cloud gaming will also remove the barriers to experiencing a game. Gamers won’t have to download GBs of files or wait indefinitely to install a heavy game. The issues of RAM, storage space, CPU and GPU will not matter anymore, as cloud gaming makes gaming device-agnostic. It will also allow game developers to test their games before public release without worrying about leaks and redistribution. Cloud gaming guarantees data security and safety, making it a favourite for end-users and developers alike. All these factors will set up the gaming sector for a massive boom.

Gaming on the Cloud

Moving to the cloud unleashes massive possibilities for a business. To begin with, it guarantees a best-in-class baseline experience for users and ensures data security as it is all stored in the cloud.

Each OS (operating system) comes with its requirements. Cloud gaming frees games from the restrictions of operating systems and devices. Developers can serve games to users independent of device restrictions and reach out to a whole new set of gamers from growing gaming markets.

Going Beyond App Stores, Blockchain Gaming and Web 3.0 

As the world gradually transitions to Web 3.0, this next evolution of the world wide web will be about immersive peer-to-peer interactions, demanding personalisation and decentralisation of a different kind that is not yet possible in Android and iOS. The current Android and iOS systems have several limitations regarding what developers and users can do with games, payments and other solutions. Mobile cloud gaming can fill many gaps within current distribution models and app stores. Game developers can seamlessly incorporate NFTs into their existing game titles with the cloud. Users can buy them as quickly as they make in-app purchases as App Store and Google Play restrictions do not apply to the cloud.

Modding and User-generated Content

The Web 3.0 world is all about personalised experiences. Mobile cloud makes that a reality by making mobile game modding possible. With user-generated content at the forefront of digital content, modding put users at the centre of their games and gives them the freedom to build multiple worlds they can share with their friends and fans.

Enabling eSports in the Cloud

The power of the cloud makes the overall eSports experience thrilling and action-filled.  It makes it possible for anyone from across the globe to participate in competitive video gaming. Gameplay can happen across participants in different locations simultaneously, and there’s no need for high-specs rigs.

An integrated mobile cloud strategy is essential to gain the most from emerging technologies to fully engage gamers and maintain a competitive advantage. Mobile cloud computing offers flexibility allowing players to gain freedom from their devices. It decreases the dependency on devices and storage data capacities to optimise performance and scalability. The instantaneous elasticity of cloud-based services complements the portability and convenience of mobile devices. The combination ensures an engaging user experience and increases customer loyalty.

The article is written by Suman Saraf, Co-founder and CTO at

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