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Things To Keep In Mind For Playing Video Games Using Smart Projector

Video gaming is a lot of fun but playing games on the big screen using a smart projector is another level of immersive experience. New age projectors have changed gaming forever and they are more responsive and offer better contrast levels, definition, latency and portability than ever before. Still, before buying a gaming beamer, you have to look for fast refresh rates, bright resolution, good lamp life, plug and play ease, solid audio, upscaling capability, rich colours, keystone point and of course price. Here is an in-depth look into some of the factors you should consider while buying a projector.

Check the input tag:

For most gamers, lightning speed is everything in the thick of a session and that is why input lag in a projector can augment or ruin your experience. In gaming, an input or display lag of 15 milliseconds or less is preferred for your screen to display commands you’ve ‘inputted’ via a controlling device. The pace at which scaling, as well as upconverting, takes place is important too. If a beamer is not offering optimal gaming speed and the time between when the gaming system sends out its signal, to the time it is received by the projector, is tardy, you are possibly stuck with the wrong projector. A higher refresh rate (of about 120Hz )  can also make motion seamlessly smooth and unobtrusive and is gentler on the eyes.

Think about High Dynamic Range (HDR) and resolution:

Do you want a rich gaming experience? Then invest in a 4K UHD projector that has a High Dynamic Range or HDR which basically distinguishes the brightest whites from the darkest blacks. It also processes images to look their best and gives you access to the truest colours that the game creators envisioned. Look for a crisp contrast ratio that is in the vicinity of 30000:1. Brightness and adequate Lumens count are other factors that you need to look for. If you like to stay indoors while gaming, the brightness may not matter ( up to 800 Lumens is okay) as much but if you are taking your projector outdoors for a gaming session, a count of up to 1500 Lumens is a must.

Seek an immersive audio experience:

Good audio is a great value addition to a projector and any kind of viewing experience. Often the gaming modes you choose will alter the delivery of audio from a projector. If for instance, your game has many protagonists, then a role-playing mode will project their individuality dramatically. An enhancement mode will turn your living room into a  roaring stadium during sporting events. Surround sound also takes gaming to an entirely different level so choose projectors that have excellent audio capability.

Versatile screen size is the way to go:

A projector that adapts to your gaming room or wall and offers a screen ranging between 40 and 200 is a good investment. Portability and flexibility matter as well. Can you afford a ceiling set up or would a small, portable tabletop device suit you better are questions you need to ask yourself beforehand? A tabletop projector is far more convenient as it can go with you from room to room and even outdoors and needs no elaborate preparation before it can be switched on and used. Plug and play convenience is what most gamers are looking for these days. Throw distance is an important factor too as it decides how far a projector needs to be from a screen for best image results.  With short-throw projectors, you don’t need a large space to beam your game and this convenience is something you can’t put a price on.

Address the heating issues:

You may buy the best projector in the market, but if you don’t maintain it, you will run into issues sooner or later. Overheating is one of the big issues with projectors whether they use an LCD or a DLP  lamp. It is important hence to ensure that the circulation of air is proper around your projector. This basically means that there should be enough space around the projector and it should not be placed in an overheated room.  Unblocked air vents, enough space between the ceiling and projector in case it is mounted,  clean air filters, and fan will extend the longevity of your projector.  Also, let your projection breathe and cool down between extended gaming sessions. Take care of your device and it will offer you unlimited hours of gaming thrills.

The article is written by Sushil Motwani, Official India Representative of XGIMI.

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