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 Understanding Gaming Popularity Among Teenagers  

Gaming is entertaining and engrossing to the young minds. Games have interesting storylines, beautiful graphics, and ease of accessibility. They also help teens to build a community with their shared experiences, said Saurabh Saxena, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uable. Edited Excerpts:

Q. What are the conversations that take place among teens in the Gaming communities? 

Ans- In the gaming community most of the conversations revolve around teens’ favorite games and gamers, whose streams they watch, best gameplays, how to become a top gamer, finding squadmates and people to play against. 

Q. Why is gaming a big rage among teens? 

Ans- Firstly, gaming is entertaining and engrossing to the young minds. Games have interesting storylines, beautiful graphics, and ease of accessibility. They also help teens to build a community with their shared experiences. Games provide a world for teens to feel like they’re the heroes of their own story. They also get to make their own choices and shape their own experiences depending on the games they choose to play. This need is a top priority for teens; something that the real world often doesn’t do.  

  Q. What kind of gaming content do teens consume or discuss? 

Ans- Teens are pretty much into strategic FPS (first person shooter), racing games – basically competitive games, because it gives them an opportunity to be great at something and build specific skills. But there’s also a market for hyper casual gaming – a replacement for mindless social media scrolling to pass those empty moments. 

Q. Have you seen an increase in girl gamers participating in various challenges on Uable? 

Ans- Two of our most popular gaming mentors are female gamers – McQueen_live who plays and streams GTA and BGMI, as well as Greden Camacho (Official Chika Gaming) who plays and streams Call of Duty. They bring with them huge followers of gamers – both boys and girls. We’ve recently had a significant number of female gamers not just playing but winning in some of our daily gaming sessions. 

Q. Elaborate on the various challenges that happen in the gaming club? 

Ans- Some of our most popular challenges have been around ‘Building your Ideal Squad’, sharing ‘Most Visually Stunning Video Game Worlds’, ‘How to become a Top Gamer?’ etc. In ‘How To Become A Top Gamer’, participants were asked to imagine that their friend, who is new to gaming, wants tips on how to succeed. The challenge asks them to share tips on how to play like a pro, right from choosing the game to getting the right equipment. The prizes up for grabs were a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse.  

In our recent ‘Design A Reptile Or Fish Gaming Character’, participants were asked to design an original and unique character inspired by reptiles or fish. They had to also pick 3 words to describe the character and think of a world in which they could place the character. They could choose to elaborate on superpowers, challenges faced, other supporting characters etc if they wished. 

These challenges are a combination of fun and skill-based tasks that have various rewards attached to them. Teens can use their creativity and imagination and may even discover a hidden talent for game design, storytelling or gaming itself along the way. 

Q. Any other trends that Uable has observed within the gaming community? 

Ans- We’ve added 38,000 new members in December alone, which points to the popularity of gaming as a hobby (or as a career option) among teenagers.  

Another trend we’ve noticed is that while most serious gamers play FPS games, we’ve also seen a jump in participation in casual games like Among Us and Brawl Stars.  

We’ve observed that teenagers prefer to play games at night. In fact, events that we host see the most traffic later in the day. Teens tend to start playing around 9 or 10 PM, which is when they’ve probably finished their chores, homework etc, and are using it as a way to unwind and relax. 

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