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Visual Experience The New Cornerstone In Immersive Gaming

The popularity of e-gaming has reached such a pinnacle that it is no longer considered as a distraction or a means to pass the time. Who would have believed 20 years ago that in 2021 a gamer would spend about 8 ½ hours each week indulged in a video game. This is also a whopping 14 % Increment in Time spent as compared to 2020. The lockdown and social distancing norms implemented across the globe owing to the pandemic have been significant contributors.

Increasing Popularity Of Immersive Gaming

For many Gaming Enthusiasts, gameplay and sharing their gaming experience online has turned into a lucrative method to earn money & publicity; an online game streamer from Mumbai (India) has been touted to be worth 14 Cr, Partnering with some of the significant Gaming brands & also launching his merchandise, every day more than 200 million gamers come to YouTube to watch gaming videos and streams. This sets a good precedent for the growing enthusiasm for immersive gameplay & Streaming. The global video gaming industry is forecasted to reach $175 bn in Year 20211 with 2.9 billion e-game players worldwide. Presently Asia-Pacific leads in terms of market value, accounting for more than half of the global gaming market.

Immersive Visual experience, a less known but very crucial aspect for gamers, is driving this industry. The mechanics of visual experience is very luring to the Gamers & engaging them to spend more time. With visual aesthetics playing such an essential part for passionate Gamers, it goes without saying that the future of the gaming industry will be determined by innovation enhancing the visual experience.

Visual Experience – The ‘Game’ Changer In The World Of Gaming

Whether you play it on a console or on a PC, visual aesthetics are the most dominating factor in determining your overall experience. In an era where we are constantly bombarded with visual Messages, every other form of communication has been transcended. When developing a game, the designers are fully aware of how critical it is to ensure that the visual aesthetics are nailed down to their pinnacle. These factors attract gamers to the game and are a major contributing factor for an immersive experience. As the saying goes, first impressions can make or break an experience.

Even the most passionate gamers may lose interest in the game due to a lack of appealing visuals. Even though that gaming is one of their strong suits, a visual mismatch will act as a barrier to the immersive experience. The illusion of direct interaction is a factor that gamers thrive on, and the inclusion of vital visual elements supports this.

Gaming Monitor Innovation- Amplifying Visual Experience

New Gen Gaming Monitors are aiding to fascinating visuals and providing an immersive experience. Whether a new entrant or a highly seasoned player, all recognise the importance of a gaming monitor. A lagging screen or Blur images will disrupt the whole experience and prove to be a big hindrance in the overall experience. Since humans process, visual information the fastest, monitors serve as the primary interactive interface with the game. Studies have proven that 90 per cent of information is transmitted to the brain in the form of visuals. Furthermore, the brain processes visual images 60,000X times faster than any other form of communication. With visual aesthetics playing such an essential role, its amplification is a crucial ingredient to the gaming industry’s advancement.

A New Chapter ‘Technology Meets Aesthetics’

The display size, resolution, aspect ratio, response/refresh rate, whether the monitor is flat or curved are all factors in determining an optimal gaming monitor. When we look at innovation from a visual viewpoint, we can observe that most technical advancements ultimately enhance the visual experience

HDRI technological innovation allows smooth flow of dynamic information, which allows brightness to be specifically adjusted on a scene-by-scene or game-by-game basis. With optimum colour and contrast settings, also the introduction of technology that brightens darker areas without overexposing lighter areas, increasing the overall impression of the display clubbed with Specific Game modes like FPS (First Person Shooting), Racing Modes delivering the optimum experience for different genre of games, these innovations offer a lot of details, which is exactly what the game’s designer wants gamers to experience.

Augmenting Gaming Experience With The Latest Ammunition

The market leaders nowadays are developing gaming Monitors, emphasising a 165-Hz monitor providing a lightning-fast response time of 1 ms MPRT. This fast Moving Picture Response Time as defined ensures an extraordinary immersive experience offering a very fast refresh rate. The pro gaming brands are investing in eliminating motion blur and disruptive artifacts using the latest AMD freesync™ Premium Pro technology. It improves visual quality by eliminating the very common high screen tearing, flickering and low latency. Such technological advancements have the potential to redefine PC gaming since they not only minimise screen Ghosting in-game but also improve blur reduction.

Visual Experience Is The Key Driver For Future Gaming Success

Since the 1980s, e-gaming has come a long way. The gaming business has grown dramatically, from arcades to the emergence of gaming consoles. Several technologies, like AI, Face/Voice Recognition, and Predictive Analysis, are changing the gaming industry in order to provide a more immersive and engaging gaming experience. Visual experience, on the other hand, will continue to be the common denominator driving the future of gaming success.

The author Rajeev Singh is the Managing Director, BenQ India

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