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We Need Talented People To Get Right Education Quality, Skill Building: Rajesh Rao

We want this conference to help aspiring game developers, people in the industry looking to skill up, startups looking for publishers or funding, global companies looking to explore India and of course facilitate all types of interactions, he said.

Gaming Technology certainly helps to create bigger and better games, however, in any case, if there were no advances and evolution in technology, it would definitely halt the growth of the entire sector. 

In an interview with the BW Gaming World,  Rajesh Rao, Founder, Dhruva Interactive and Convenor- India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) talked about the gaming developer community, shift due to COVID-19 pandemic and more. 

Q. How does IGDC seek to recognize, empower, and connect the gaming developer community?

Ans- IGDC is a conference ‘by the industry, for the industry. The organising team is made up of volunteers who are working in the industry, and our motivation is to help grow quality game development talent in India. We want this conference to help aspiring game developers, people in the industry looking to skill up, startups looking for publishers or funding, global companies looking to explore India and of course facilitate all types of interactions. 

Every year, the content team works hard to source speakers and panellists from India and across the world, focusing on emerging trends and relevant content, all the time asking ourselves, what can help the industry today? We listen to the community through our online channels and take feedback. We have had several startups that have come together because of IGDC, several who came on the radar of VCs and Publishers and then eventually got funded or got deals.  We have many in the industry today because they attended an IGDC in the past. 

We even have people who took part in our school game dev contest like GameJam Titans which made them choose a career in games. So, it’s heartening to see our efforts pay off. The industry has recognized our efforts, and we are grateful for their wholehearted support. We look forward to continuing to be a key ‘enabler’ to grow the Indian games industry. 

Q. What according to you are the major changes that you witnessed in the gaming industry before and after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Ans- The pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns meant people were looking for ways to pass time, and this has helped grow the gaming industry exponentially, we have gained at least 2 years of growth. The developer community also managed the transition to remote working well, some have even adopted a hybrid model moving forward.  

Q. How have the technology and heightened internet penetration helped revolutionise the gaming sector in India?

Ans- Yes, of course. People, especially the youth, now have access to games from all over the world. We now have gamers from tier and tier 3 cities which was not the case in the past. Smaller studios have come up in these cities and a large part of it is because of internet penetration and evolving tools for enabling remote working. 

Q. How has IGDC encouraged game development talent in our country over the years?

Ans- IGDC as an organization has worked to ensure that the gaming ecosystem benefits from the collective experience of all stakeholders. Platforms such as the IP connect helps upcoming studios and developers meet with prospective investors and publishers. The IGDC awards is a great platform for studios and game developers to submit their games and get them evaluated by a jury of specialists. IGDC has helped get the gaming ecosystem together.  

Q. Do you think people can consider gaming as a full-time profession?

Ans– Yes, gaming is only going to get bigger from here. Currently, there are over 400 established and indie Game companies flourishing in our country, making, and distributing quality games to their users.  

Q. Do you think India has enough game developing institutes? If not, what should we do?

Ans- Right now, the biggest need is the development of talent. We need a lot more talented people to get the right quality of education and skill-building. Government policies will help, such as what we have seen in Telangana, which have made games an area of focus. Many education institutes are also stepping in.  

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