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What would it take for India’s esports to become an industry?

There is enough noise about esports. Myriad research firms have contributed towards the noise with numbers. Twice the increase in average annual spend per paying mobile gamer, 45 per cent cumulative annual growth rate in esports industry revenue, more than 300 brands aiming at benefitting from esports and esports franchise in India is expected to outgrow IPL are just a few top-of-mind nuggets. Myriad investors in multiple shades of angels, micros and institutionalized have accredited to the noise by investing in tournament organizers, streamers and other esports-enabling companies in India.

Esports has arrived in India, it is here to stay and grow!

Traditional esports would imply a world of games and gamers. Modern esports is much more. It ignites the game with gamers, content and community. There is undeniably an opportunity for all companies in an INR 15,000 crore industry in India. However, we are currently building esports in silos, as a tournament organizer, content curator, community engagement, streaming platform, broadcasting, individual casters, individual influencers and above all, dynamically changing gaming teams. Inspired by India’s movie and entertainment industry, stirred by Dadasaheb Phalke, esports has the potential to orchestrate the livelihood of the next generation in India.

With 200 million gamers in 2018, every family contributed to 0.74 gamers. In 2021, the contribution of a family increased to 1.42. Esports is competitive gaming which is now, a need of the hour, considering it is now on the road to becoming a flourishing industry. Not everyone makes it to the global titles of game publishers. It requires time and practice to build competency. A contribution of 2.8 gamers from every family is expected by 2025, which would imply approximately 100 million esports gamers. A report states, “from 150,000 players and 60,000 teams, it is a viable profession for youth with 1.5 million players in the financial year 2025”. Therefore, there would be 90 per cent of these gamers who would be prepared as non-athlete esports talents. These individuals would be strategists, entrepreneurs, creators, casters, streamers, broadcasters, marketers, coaches, mentors, doctors, medical instructors, healers, and many more for esports and non-esports ecosystems. There is an opportunity and a responsibility to ensure that this talent doesn’t get lost in the shadows due to the unavailability of adequate coaching about esports as an ecosystem and the unavailability of opportunities.

It is essential to focus beyond commercial outcomes to shape this industry for the current and future gamers and fandom. In my view, tomorrow’s esports needs to be horizontal, with technology at the core. Esports need to become a human engagement platform which enables every individual in the ecosystem to experience more.

The mission should encompass the three pillars (based on which it can become a holistic industry) viz., Esports for Enthusiasts, Esports for Employment, and Immersive Esports.

  • Esports for Enthusiasts: Create a factory of blending titles and formats, to build winning teams in Global championships from India.
  • Esports for Employment: Nurture next-generation talent to be future-ready in strategic, collaborative and operations roles using Skill CAP curriculum construct in a self-paced learning engagement platform.
  • Immersive Esports: Provide a platform as a one-stop-place for the ecosystem to interact and engage.
  • Building a sustainable industry is both an art and a science. In esports, it is the art of creating an authentic experience for gamers and the science of building a community with fans, brands, and enthusiasts. After all, esports is for everyone.

The modern era of talent is keen to engage beyond companies, with leaders, and purpose. This is the belief with which we engage with communities. Any esports company needs to constantly co-build with gamers, enthusiasts and brands keeping the focus on creating a sustainable impact for the esports community and leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Written by Samhita R & Peeyush Kumar, Co-founders, Crowd Control Esports 

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