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With 5G Technology level Of Esports tournaments Will Increase: Abhishek Aggarwal, Trinity Gaming 

With the rollout of 5G in the next year, India will witness a huge boom in the gaming sector as it will enrich the user experience for the mobile gaming community and encourage more game streamers in future, said Abhishek Aggarwal, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Trinity Gaming India. Edited Excerpts:

Q. How has the gaming industry flourished during COVID-19 times?

Ans- The gaming industry has been in the growth stage in the past few years. Covid times were indeed challenging for the maximum number of people. On the contrary, we experienced a substantial hike in a lot of industries, not only just gaming but entrepreneurship and IT as well. A lot of people realised that passion can be turned into great opportunities if you have an ample amount of time. This is where the growth of the gaming industry topped the charts and boomed. In times of pandemic, we saw a huge rise in the number of professional gamers and gaming influencers and content creators. Gaming became a career option and way of earning for a lot of young people.  

Q. How can players with gaming skills leverage this online gaming platform to earn?

Ans- There are lakhs of gamers with amazing gaming skills, but not everyone can pass through the stage of constant grinding. Skills combined with consistency, knowledge and passion can surely lead to success not only in gaming but anywhere in life. If you want to succeed, you should be open to all opportunities, always be consistent and determined towards your goals. When a gamer really wants to show their talent and earn, he/ she will come across an ample amount of earning opportunities ahead.

Q. With the rollout of 5G in the next fiscal year, how will this help the gaming sector?

Ans- With the rollout of 5G in the next year, we are likely to look forward to a huge boom in the gaming sector as it will enrich the user experience for the mobile gaming community and encourage more game streamers in future. Playing with friends and interaction will become a lot smoother. A lot of gamers will be able to experience PC level graphics and interface through their mobile phones. With 5G supporting the gaming industry, the level of professional esports tournaments will increase drastically. 

Q. Do you think people can now make gaming a full-time career option?

Ans- We don’t think that gaming is a career option, but we know that it is already a concrete career for a lot of gamers. Gamers can make a career by opting for full-time game streaming on various platforms like Facebook supporting gamers. Even if a person is passionate about gaming but not a professional gamer, can also be a part of the gaming industry by exploring numerous career opportunities available.     

Q. How online games are playing an active role in shaping the Indian gaming industry?

Ans- Online gaming has evolved drastically in the past years. Online gaming, when considered before, was bringing physical sports into online mode inside the screens operated by consoles. Later, gaming became a door to unreal and unseen fantasy worlds. It was once a mode of entertainment transformed into competitive sports. Through gaming, talented gamers got a chance to represent themselves and earn, gradually shaping the gaming industry into a wider pool of opportunities. With the trend of gaming growing every day, numerous opportunities are rising at a great pace. The most interesting fact would be that people who were experts in different fields found their passion and interest in gaming. This amalgamation led to the talent of gaming collaborating with experts in other fields, making gaming a full-fledged professional industry. 

Q. Do you have any views on the demand for gaming regulations in India? Do you think the government should regulate gaming?

Ans- The gaming industry should indeed be regulated in India and proudly the road to regulation has already begun with AVGC Act. To date, gaming has not been considered a full-fledged industry due to which gaming has been held back. There is a need for a designated authority not only to just regulate but also to generalise gaming as a career. Addressing the faults in the industry and working on them should be the need of hour. Most of the gamers are either very young or not well educated about the legalities and business perspectives of industry therefore proper education on that is required. I also believe that clauses related to gaming should be included in the IT Act as well.  

Q. What can we expect from your Trinity Gaming this year?

Ans- This year Trinity will focus on increasing the pool of talented creators by inviting them on board. We are looking forward to upgrading the opportunities available to our creators and providing them with the best managerial services. We are also expanding our reach towards the South Asian regions like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and more. Moving towards the digital space we have done NFTs for a few of our creators and will be continuing that in future as well.

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