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World Photography Day 2022 Special: Cherish Your Memories By Saving Them

“A picture is worth a thousand words” this old adage will probably never be obsolete. One look at that 15-year-old, grainy college picture, and one can remember with piercing lucidity if they were smiling for the camera or the joke their friend had just cracked. Isn’t it why it is almost impossible to get rid of even the old, corroded pictures that are bare of any hint of colors except maybe the yellowing edges and etiolating brown spots?

Remarkable advancements in technology have eased the dependence on printed photos. Today, the instant-gratification-driven generation finds the “no-selfie” world an almost inconceivable concept. After all, we are living in a digital era, creating and sharing images instantly. Each picture is not just five to seven MBs of storage space on a smartphone or our computers; it is a precious memory that is frequently revisited to relive the moment repeatedly.  Even the thought of losing some of the pictures can bring great sadness.

But are we doing enough to ensure that we don’t lose our memories?

Lack of Space; An Emotional Toll

Many of us have seen the dreaded and ill-timed “insufficient storage available” message on our smartphones just when we’re about to shoot a video or capture a memory of a lifetime. This leads to the heart-wrenching decision to delete old pictures and videos to accommodate new ones. However, this situation can be easily avoided. One can add 128GB to the storage of many smartphones with just about a thousand to fifteen hundred rupees by using a microSD card. Brands such as SanDisk also offer up to 1TB of microSD cards for phones that have a card slot. Other convenient options such as SanDisk Dual Drive are also available for Android and iOS users. This device lets one seamlessly move files between a USB Type-C smartphone or iPhone, tablets and Mac devices, and USB Type-A computers. One can also automatically back up their latest photos, videos, music, documents, and contacts with the SanDisk Memory Zone app. 

Computer crashes, cyber-attacks, viruses, and theft, there are so many ways you can lose precious data. But the greatest threat of all? Not backing up. It is essential to make data backup a habit. As a rule of thumb, put protections in place for anything that would be difficult or impossible to reproduce or replace, or anything where a loss would evoke negative, frustrating, or stressful emotions. One can never go wrong with a habit of frequent data backups because if the data is backed up on multiple devices, you won’t lose sleep if the original data is lost or corrupted.

One way to help ensure the protection of your files is a storage drive or device, such as the My Passport drive or My Book desktop storage from Western Digital’s WD brand. The My Passport HDD from WD is a trusted drive that provides portable storage that fits in the palm of your hand. It can help you store photos, videos, music as well as documents. The My Book device from WD allows you to store even more data and is equipped with backup software for Windows and is compatible with Time Machine on macOS. It also features built-in hardware encryption with password protection to help keep your files private and safe.

Our pictures and other data demand our attention and protection. Following simple steps such as investing in expandable memory options for our smartphones and taking frequent backup of our memories can prevent data loss by error or lack of choice. Remember, to cherish our memories whenever we want, we must preserve them.

Written by Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director, Marketing, India Middle East and TIA, Western Digital

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