Wednesday , September 28 2022


In Pursuit Of The Best Gaming Experience

In the last couple of years, our lives have taken an unpredictable turn, and everything that was once normal for us has become surreal; and to a large extent, for many, video games filled the void created by this unprecedented change. While gaming was growing rapidly even before the pandemic, …

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Akamai Research Shows Attacks on Gaming Companies Have Doubled

Akamai Technologies, Inc., a cloud company released a new State of the Internet report showing that web application attacks on the gaming industry more than doubled over the past year. The new report, Gaming Respawned, notes these attacks come in the wake of booming popularity and demand for cloud gaming platforms. …

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Responsible Gaming Is The Need Of The Hour

Gaining popularity as a preferred source of entertainment in India, online gaming is disrupting the conventional ones. Buoyed by the rapid growth in users, the country accounted for 916 million online game downloads in May 2022 which is 19.2 per cent of total worldwide downloads of games, as per the …

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The Evolution Of Mobile Cloud

We have all downloaded songs and add them to our playlist in the past. But today, most of us enjoy movies and songs using streaming apps on multiple devices without any technical hassles. Why worry about downloading content or blocking storage space on a device when one can stream it …

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How To Survive In Current Esports Market

Presently, every business and multinational corporation (MNC) wants a piece of the esports industry. All well-known businesses from many walks of life are making inroads into this burgeoning industry, demonstrating the full potential of esports in India and other countries across the world.  In FY 2020, the esports business in …

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