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Women In Gaming: Good Business Sense

From the dark, dingy ‘video game parlours’ at road corners to logging in through one’s Android from the comfort of your home, gaming has come a long way! And this transition has brought with it an unintended audience – women from various corners of the world Money, influence and time …

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Building Immersive Games With Right Creative Tools

Time is fairly relative when you are a Viking fighting your way through the European countryside or, as a dragon-born, slaying dragons across continents. It can be hours before you snap back to reality, realizing you have been playing video games for most of the day. This is where the …

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The Rise And Rise Of Gaming In India 

In the last couple of years, gaming has become a mainstream source of entertainment in India. In fact, today, players also use online games to connect and spend time with their friends, so it is no surprise that interest in gaming has and continues to increase in India. This is …

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5G And gaming: A Match Made In Heaven? 

India has evolved into a gamer’s delight, with gaming becoming more than just a form of entertainment. It is rapidly growing into a serious business, with an influx of investments, rising revenues and increasing user expectations. Today, gamers want superior graphics, augmented reality, virtual reality, uninterrupted multi-user interface, chat rooms …

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