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Bigotry Within The Gaming Universe

The relationship between video game exposure and sexism It’s hard to disagree that video games have become one of the biggest entertainment industries nowadays. Every year, a huge number of video games are released. Many of them are independent and individual projects initially made with basic graphics and then powered …

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Using Technology To Tackle Disruption In RMG In India

For a segment that stands at INR 49.8 billion and projected to grow to 61.3 billion by 2025 (a KPMG report), real money gaming in India is dangerously underregulated. Record new users have been onboarded (152 million users in just FY21) and they are spending more time than ever on …

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From Bots To Zombies: Why Gaming’s Future Rests On The Network

As smartphones turn into the default gaming platform, delivering a consistent and high-quality gaming experience is the biggest challenge and opportunity for network operators Over the past year, as the world adjusts to frequent lockdowns resulting in work-from-home and play-from-home scenarios, online gaming has emerged as a popular entertainment option …

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Gaming Industry Is The Next Pivot Of Jobs – Experts

The experts also express how the gaming industry is bringing up more career options within the sector with an eye to build a gender-neutral ecosystem If the ongoing pandemic has thwarted the economic activities on one side, it has made way to various avenues that reaped from this blessing in …

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The Gaming Decade – Nitish Mittersain, Nazara Tech

Nitish Mittersain, Nazara Tech

Nitish Mittersain, Founder & MD, Nazara Technologies talks about the growth drivers for the gaming industry. Excerpts Why would this be the decade of gaming?  We have seen three macro trends which are spearheading the growth of the gaming sector in India and will make this decade a decade of …

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Brand Building Gamified

Gaming tops the list of innovative, engaging & immersive ways in which companies connect with consumers. Some examples & insights on the booming sector Gamification is emerging as an effective tool to drive business objectives and motivate people through data. By tapping into diverse principles of design, psychology and behavioural …

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The Skilling Dilemma For Gaming

If you can predict what will be, you can decide what to learn – Yan Garin, Ecole Intuit.lab Gaming is one of the most exciting industries in the tech sector, playing a vital role in entertainment, design, culture and education. It is also one of the fastest growing industries. Game …

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